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We provide personal counseling for erasing the patterns of Fear, Phobia, Anger, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Past Painful Memories, Disinterest from studies/ work or life-partner, Past Failures, Addiction(Like Smoking, Alcohol, Tobacco, Eating Excessively etc) and Obsessive Compulsive Behavior(Like washing hand again and again or checking the lock a number of time, or sticking to one point)


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A Brief Description.

Mind Release provide a way to know NLP is a human mind technology; an art by which you create wonderful results in the lives of people you care for. The quality of the delivery of this art depends upon the exposure that you have got with people and their issues. Here you need a mentor who can make you understand the core and finer points of the technology.Dhruv Sharma has been worked and empowering people for the last one half decades. He has the biggest ever exposure of making change in the lives of people across the country. Within the one-to-one sessions I use a combination of NLP techniques and interventions, hypnosis, Time Line therapy, coaching, Counselling a re-education of looking at life from different perspectives, looking at your life values and creating your new beliefs. I am not in a position to offer you a miracle cure in one session, as some people claim. I could easily make you feel nice and believe that you’re cured, but within 2-7 days your Depression, Anxiety, Fears, Phobias would most likely return, as we would only have masked the problem, not rectified it.


Mr. Dhruv Sharma is one of the best NLP coach in India who has developed and delivered a number of customized NLP modules; like NLP workshops for Wellness, Healing with NLP and hypnotheraphy, Students, Couples, Corporate Excellence, Sales, Team Building, Leadership, Success in your life with NLP, success in your business with NLP technique neurological alignments and Senior Citizens etc; thus helping new trainers to make their mark in the field of training. His version of Applied Fundamentals of NLP is most sought after as it has the scientific and practical approach of the subject. With his wide experience and creativity, he has not only been helping new trainers and coaches to learn NLP and also helping them launch themselves with readymade customized workshop contents in "Social Media".


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